SCE Flames

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Functions Provided By SCE Flames

This effect uses the following functions:

This Effect uses Directions. Learn more »Using Direction
This Effect uses the Gradient Dialog. Learn more »Using Gradient Dialog
This Effect uses the BPM control. Learn more »Using BPM Control




void SetHeight(int height)

Sets the Height of the flames.

int GetHeight()

Returns the current Height.

void SetWidth(int width)

Sets the Width of the flames.

int GetWidth()

Returns the Width of the flames.

void SetDepth(int depth)

Sets the Depth of the flames.

int GetDepth()

Returns the Depth of the flames.

void SetIntensity(int intensity)

Sets the Intensity of the flames.

int GetIntensity()

Returns the currently used Intensity for the flames.


MADRIX 2.X To MADRIX 3.X Migration Hints
The MADRIX 2.X effect SCE Fire has been changed in MADRIX 3.X. The following functions are not supported anymore. Please follow the hints to migrate your macros.



void SetFlameSize(int size)

Use void SetHeight(int height) instead.

int GetFlameSize()

Use int GetHeight() instead.


MADRIX Version: 3.6j | Script Version: 2.22
[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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