Using Color Controls

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Functions Provided For Using Colors

Color Controls

Some effects, such as »SCE Color or »SCE Wave / Radial, only support one particular color at a time. Then, make use of the following functions:



void SetColor(color col)

Sets the Color for the effect.

color GetColor()

Returns the currently set Color.


For a detailed description of the non-primitive data type color, see »Using Data Types
Learn more »List Of Global Variables And Constants



This macro example sets a random generated color each time the effect is started.






void InitEffect()


 color c;

 c.r = random(0,255);

 c.g = random(0,255);

 c.b = random(0,255);

 c.w = 0;

 c.a = 0;





void PreRenderEffect()





void PostRenderEffect()





void MatrixSizeChanged()





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