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This tutorial shows you how you can work with the different Highlight Modes in MADRIX. The software provides the possibilities to highlight a complete DMX universe or individual DMX fixtures. This feature can prove useful to identify DMX connections as well as specific fixtures in your LED installation. It is great for testing as well as the process of DMX addressing.


Date: 08/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.2 (Created with)





Highlighting a complete DMX universe:
Open the Device Manager by pressing F4 or go to Preferences > Device Manager...

In the DMX Devices tab, you will find all the connected DMX devices. In this example, one MADRIX PLEXUS is connected via USB.
To highlight a DMX universe, please the select the desired DMX universe and click Highlight Device.
Note: If you want to highlight more than one DMX universe, please press and hold Ctrl and select all DMX universes in the Device Manager. Then, click Highlight Device.



Highlighting a single DMX fixture:
In MADRIX, go to Preferences  >  Patch... and the Patch window will open.

Enable Highlight in the Patch window and then select a DMX fixture. Now, you will see that the selected fixture glows white on the LED installation.
Note: If you want to highlight more than one fixture, press and hold Ctrl and select all desired fixtures. Make sure to activate Highlight in the Patch.


Congratulations! You can now work with the different highlight modes of MADRIX.


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