Exporting And Importing Storage Places

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In this tutorial you will learn how you can export a Storage Place (that means one effect you have created) and import it into a different Setup file. This workflow could be useful, for example, when creating a new effect at home and implementing it into an existing show at work.


Date: 08/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.2 (Created with)

Note: For this tutorial it is important that you have an existing Setup file to work with.



Start MADRIX and create a new effect.
In this example, we have created an effect with 2 Layers on Storage Place S1 P1 on the Left. SCE Fluid can be found on Layer 1. Layer 2 is set to SCE Simple Shape.
Layer 2 has been further modified. For the effect, choose Ellipse Filled as shape and set the Position to X: 10, Y: 10 and the Size to X: 80, Y: 80. Also, change the Mix Mode to Mask. Finally, click on Map and set Top Left as well as Tile: Repeat in the Tile section.


We now want to export the active Storage Place from Storage 1 (in this example it is S1 P1 activated on the Left). Go to File > Export > Storage Place > Storage Place Left... and choose a name and directory for this file.
The default folder is the MADRIX3/storage_places folder which is located in your user documents folder.
Note: If you want to export an active Storage Place from the Right side, choose Storage Place Right... instead of Storage Place Left...


Now, open an existing MADRIX Setup and select an empty Storage Place. In this example, we are selecting Storage Place 33 on the Left.
Note: An empty Storage Place will be shown as a gray button. An occupied Storage Place is shown in blue, the active one is green. If it is shown in red, the Storage Place is already selected on the other side, Left or Right.


Go to File > Import > Storage Place > Storage Place Left... and select the file you have exported in step 2.


Now, you can see that the desired effect has been imported.
Note: Do not forget to save your Setup to fully include the new Storage Place.


Congratulations! You have exported and imported a single Storage Place.


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