Exporting / Importing V2.X Setups Into One V3.X Setup

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In this tutorial you will learn how you can import one or more MADRIX 2 Setups into one MADRIX 3 Setup.


Date: 08/2014
MADRIX Versions: 2.14e and 3.0 (Created with)

Note: For this tutorial it is important that you have saved two MADRIX V2.X Setup files beforehand.



Open the first Setup in MADRIX 2.
Go to File > Export > Export to MADRIX3 > Setup and choose a desired directory and file name. Confirm with Save.


Now, open another MADRIX V2.X Setup and export this Setup as described in step 1, too.


Please close MADRIX 2 and open MADRIX 3.
Go to File > Open Setup and choose the first of the exported Setups.


MADRIX 3 can easily store more than only 2 Storages A and B. In order to create one MADRIX 3 Setup file out of several MADRIX 2 Setups, we will export both Storages of a MADRIX 2 Setup. To do so, go to File > Export > Storage > Storage Left. Choose a name and press Save.

Now export the right Storage of this Setup. Go to File > Export > Storage > Storage Right.


Go to File > Open Setup... in order to load the second, exported Setup. The first two Storages will be occupied. Choose a free Storage, such as Storage 3 on the Left.


To import a Storage to the currently selected Storage on the Left, go to File > Import > Storage > Storage Left. Select the Storage file you have exported in step 3 which contains the effects of the left storage.

Storage 3 now contains the imported set of effects.


Please select Storage 4 on the left side and import the Storage file you have exported in step 3 which contains the effects of the right storage. Repeat step 6 to import this file.


Storage 1, Storage 2, Storage 3, and Storage 4 now all include imported Storages and in this way all effects of the two MADRIX 2 Setups.


Congratulations! You can create a MADRIX 3 Setup that contains your MADRIX 2 Setups.


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