DMX Universe Settings For Several Art-Net Nodes

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This tutorial shows you how you can set the DMX universe assignment when using more than one Art-Net node together with MADRIX.


Date: 09/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.3 (Created with)

Note: Before you start to read this tutorial, it is recommended to work through the tutorial »Connecting MADRIX With An Art-Net Node



Go to Preferences > Device Manager (or press F4) and select the tab Art-Net. Activate Enable in order to activate Art-Net. Then, click the Search button (Loupe icon).
Now, MADRIX will automatically search and find all connected Art-Net nodes, which are physically connected to the network, set to work in the same network range, and support the ArtPollReply mechanism.

In this example, we have connected 9 MADRIX LUNA 8.
Please note that you will always find nodes with a maximum of 4 ports per device in the Art-Net tab of the Device Manager. That is based on the Art-Net specifications where every Art-Net node can hold 4 ports (universes). If the node has more than 4 ports, the node must be split into more nodes using the same IP address but a different bind index. For an 8-port Art-Net node, such as the MADRIX LUNA 8, you will therefore find 2 entries per device using the same IP address. The DMX universe assignment however is set to 1, 2, 3, 4 for the first device entry and 5, 6, 7, 8 for the second device entry.


Please switch to the DMX Devices tab of the Device Manager and have a look at the column Universe. You will see that all connected 8-port MADRIX LUNA nodes are listed with their individual ports. They were automatically set to DMX universe 1 to 8.


In our case, we want to set every port to a unique universe number. To do so, select the desired Port, change the Universe, and click Apply.
In this example, we are leaving the first device assigned to universes 1 to 8 as is and start changing the first duplicative entry from universe 1 to universe 9.

Note that the virtual DMX universe has been changed to 9.


Repeat Step 3. for all devices and ports.
We will give every port a unique virtual universe number and increment the universes.


All ports are still set to Off. That means that no DMX data is being sent to this port right now.

To switch all ports to On, we will be selecting all ports first.
Select the first port in the list and scroll down to the last port. Then, press and hold the Shift key, and select the last port in the list. Or press Ctrl+A. All ports will be selected now.


Activate all selected ports by clicking the Enable checkbox. Confirm with Apply

Now, all selected ports are switched to On.


Note: The fixture assignment of the Patch Editor needs to align with the DMX universe assignment in the Device Manager. Set up MADRIX according to your requirements. In this example, data for DMX universe 9 will be sent to the node with the IP address, Port 0.


Congratulations! You have successfully changed the virtual DMX universes assignment in MADRIX.

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