Connecting MADRIX With An Art-Net Node

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In this tutorial, you will learn how you can connect Art-Net nodes with Find Auto Mode in MADRIX.


Date: 09/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.3 (Created with)

Note: Please make sure that all connected hardware nodes and the PC are in the same network.



Start MADRIX, go to Preferences > Device Manager (or press F4), and select the tab Art-Net


Enable the Art-Net checkbox.

After a few seconds, you can see the Art-Net Remote device in the list. That is your own PC.


Now, click Search button on the bottom of the Device Manager.

After a few seconds, you can see the all Art-Net nodes that were found in the network. In this example, it is a MADRIX PLEXUS with 2 universes. The device is displayed with its Art-Net IP address.
If your PC, cannot find the connected Art-Net nodes, please make sure that the nodes and your PC are in the same network. Another reason could be that your Art-Net node does not support the ArtPoll/ArtPollReply feature for automatic finding. You have to add the node manually »Manually Connecting An Art-Net Node In MADRIX


Change the Device Manager tab to DMX Devices. Now, you can see the connected Art-Net nodes as DMX Devices. But DMX output is currently disabled (State is Off).


We will have to enable all Art-Net nodes for DMX output. Please select a DMX device, click Enable in the Settings section and then Apply.
Repeat this step for all your DMX devices that are connected via Art-Net. ArtNet Remote should be Off.

Now you can control your Art-Net nodes just like DMX interfaces that are plugged into your PC via USB.


Congratulations! You have successfully connected the Art-Net node with MADRIX.


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