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Initial Configuration
Keyboard Shortcuts




Any DMX input signal can be used to control MADRIX remotely. While you can use preconfigured DMX protocols, you can also set up such a configuration according to your needs with the help of the DMX-IN Remote Editor. This topic describes how to use the DMX-IN Remote Editor.



Initial Configuration

Make sure to configure your DMX device first.
[For example, DMX devices can be consoles, DMX desks, fader boards, other DMX interfaces, etc.]
Set up DMX Input.
Learn more »DMX-IN / Art-Net Remote / sACN Input




Go to the menu Preferences > Device Manager... > DMX Input
MIDI Remote Control EditClick Edit... to open the DMX-IN Remote Editor
A new window will open.
If you are creating a new DMX protocol, the list will be empty.
If you are modifying an existing DMX protocol map, the list will already contain all preconfigured settings.

DMX-IN Remote Editor


Add - Adds a new item to the list.
Remove - Removes the currently selected list items.

MIDI Remote Editor - Copy Entries

Duplicate/Copy - Copies and duplicates the currently selected list item. The new item will be added to the list right after the selected item. You can change its settings afterwards.

MIDI Remote Editor: Navigation

Navigation - Allows you to select the next or previous list item.

New - Creates a new configuration while deleting all previous list items with your permission.
- Allows you to create an empty DMX Remote Configuration [Empty] or load a preconfigured DMX protocol [Essential, Standard].

Open - Loads a previously saved DMX Remote Configuration file into the DMX-IN Remote Editor from an external file [of the file type *.mdrx].

Save - Saves the current DMX Remote Configuration to an external file [of the file type *.mdrx].
Save As - Save the current DMX Remote Configuration to another external file [of the file type *.mdrx]. Simply enter a name and click Save.

Assign A MIDI Control To A Function

Assign - Allows you to assign a control of your DMX controller to a function in MADRIX.
- 1] Activate Assign, select an list item you created and move the control of your DMX controller.
- 2] In most cases, MADRIX will automatically recognize the identify the DMX Channel, Control Type, and Interaction for the control. Learn more Configuration

MIDI Remote Editor: Test

Test - Allows you to test single list items and their functionality on the MADRIX user interface, while having the DMX-IN Remote Editor still opened.
- Activate Test, then use the control on your DMX controller. You can see if the control works as expected on the MADRIX user interface.
- If Test is activated, MADRIX will receive the signal directly and not the DMX-IN Remote Editor.

- Test is also useful for testing modifiers. Learn more Modifiers

MIDI Remote Editor: Configuration Name

Configuration Name - Allows you to type in an individual description for your DMX Remote Configuration.
- Once saved, you will be able to select your DMX Remote Configuration under Preferences > Device Manager... > MIDI > Remote Control and MADRIX will use this label.



Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + A

Selects all items in the list.

Ctrl + E [hold]

Activates Assign, while holding this shortcut.

Ctrl + N

Creates a new configuration.

Ctrl + O

Opens a configuration.

Ctrl + S

Saves a configuration.

Ctrl + T [hold]

Activates Test, while holding this shortcut.


Removes selected items from the list.

Arrow Up

Navigates upwards in the list.

Arrow Down

Navigates downwards in the list.

Double-click on an item

Calls up the context menu for the column.

Double-click on a head row of the list

Sorts the list alphabetically according to the column [ascending or descending].





Each list item represents 1 DMX remote functionality using 1 DMX control [i.e., button, fader, etc.].
Configure each list item as required.
Configure each column of an list item.
Add or remove list items to add or remove the functionality you require.



MIDI Remote Editor: Function

1] Create a new item with +
Or select a list item and perform a double-click with your mouse on the column Function

2] Select the general topic [e.g., Audio]

3] Select the exact function you wish to configure [e.g., Volume]

DMX Channel

DMX-IN Remote Editor: DMX Channel

A] Click Assign, select a list item and use a control on your DMX controller. In most cases, MADRIX will automatically recognize the DMX Channel, Control Type, and Interaction.

B] Or first select a list item and perform a double-click with your mouse on the column DMX Channel. Second, enter the correct DMX channel [e.g., CH01 for channel 01].


MIDI Remote Editor: Invert

1] Select a list item and perform a double-click with your mouse on the column Invert.

2] The item will change between No and Yes
- If Yes is selected, all values of this control will be inverted. That means for example that 0 becomes 255 and 255 becomes 0.
- No is the default value. No values will be inverted.


Select an item and perform a double-click with your mouse on the column MIN, MAX, or Description. Enter the desired value or text.
MIN - Defines a minimum value for this functionality. The default value is 0.
MAX - Defines requires a maximum value for this functionality.
- For example, the Master Fader has a maximum value of 255, or you may want to set the maximum Fade Time to 10 seconds.
Description - Allows you to enter a text to describe the functionality.
- [By default, the name of the function will automatically be entered].


1] Select a list item and perform a double-click with your mouse on the column Invert.

2] The item will change between Always and Value Changed
- If Always is selected, the remote command will be always processed by the software.
- If Value Changes is selected,  the remote command will only be processed when the incoming value on this DMX channel changed.


Saving Your Configuration

Please save your configuration after you have configured all functions!
If you are closing the DMX-IN Remote Editor and have not yet saved, the MADRIX Software will remind you to save the file.
If you do not save, your configuration will be discarded and is lost.
The MADRIX Setup file does not include the external DMX Remote Configuration file, but will store the directory and a reference link in order to reload it when the Setup is loaded again.




Example 1

You wish to use single buttons of your DMX controller for each Storage Place.
Use + to create a new function.
Select Deck A > Place ID +Fade
Use Assign to match your button to this function. Disable Assign again when done.
Set MAX to 0 in order to trigger Storage Deck A S1 P1 [Storage 1 Place 1].
Repeat the steps and set up MAX for each Storage Place you wish to control.
- MAX will always have a value that is -1 compared to the actual Storage Place index number [e.g., set MAX to 6 in order to control S1 P7]
Use Deck B > Place ID+Fade and repeat the steps accordingly to control the Storage Places on the right side.


[Ctrl & +/-] = Zoom In/Out | [Ctrl & 0] = 100%
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