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Script Editor Screenshot


The Script/Macro Editor supports syntax highlighting: as you can see from the screenshot above, MADRIX Script highlights code according to a color scheme.

Highlighting will help you to read the source code, to distinguish different types of phrases (e.g., comments, data types, etc.), to quickly recognize functions, and to find errors.

In addition, code structuring is enhanced since every line is automatically indented like the last line.


@scriptname, SetFilter

Represents functions that can only be used in certain areas of MADRIX Script (for example, Storage Place Macro).


Represents data types.


Represents predefined methods.


Represents global variables and constants.

Filter, WriteText

Represents functions that can be used in all areas of MADRIX Script (MAS Script Effect, Macros for Effects, Storage Place Macro, Global Macro)

"Hello World!"

Represents written text for the Script Output.


MADRIX Version: 5.5 | Script Version: 3.14
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