Sound2Light And Music2Light

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MADRIX can analyze audio input for Sound2Light (S2L) or Music2Light (M2L) effects. This data is also available in MADRIX Script and may be used to create even more advanced effects, controlled by music.

It is necessary to differentiate between sound and music data.

Sound data refers to data based on the frequency of the given input signal. A common effect based on sound data is the equalizer (audio spectrum). The volume is also this kind of sound data.

Music data refers to information known from actual music theory. Therefore, MADRIX identifies musical parameters, such as tonality, bass, intervals or the current tone (or chord) itself. Using the tone and the tonality you could see that C Major or d minor is currently played, for example. There are numerous examples.

In order to receive sound and music data in MADRIX Script, the audio input has to be activated, which is true by default. To check or change your configuration, please navigate to Preferences > Device Manager... > Audio via the MADRIX main menu.

MADRIX Version: 5.5 | Script Version: 3.14
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