Data Types And Variables

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In MADRIX Script variables may be used to store different data.
Each variable will be defined with a certain data type.
This data type describes the kind of values the variable can store and the operations which are possible with the variable.


Here is a small example to get a feeling for variables. The following source code renders a yellow pixel on a random position each time RenderEffect is called.






void InitEffect()





void RenderEffect()



    color col = {255, 255, 0, 0};

    int px,py;                              

    px = random(0,GetMatrixWidth()-1);

    py = random(0,GetMatrixHeight()-1); 

    SetPixel(col, px, py); 


  //a color variable called 'col' is declared and its values are set to yellow (RGB)

  //two variables of type int are declared to store the coordinates of a pixel

  //coordinates for x and y inside the matrix are chosen by chance

  //the pixel is drawn on the matrix



void MatrixSizeChanged()






MADRIX Version: 3.6j | Script Version: 2.22
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