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Welcome to MADRIX

MADRIX is an outstanding tool for modern LED control.
This software is an advanced LED lighting controller. MADRIX combines stunning real-time effects with an easy to use user interface that will allow you to create unique lighting patterns very easily. A wide range of software features allow for [nearly] endless possibilities and many options available to you. Please use this user guide to learn how to operate the software and its various tools. Thank you for choosing MADRIX!


Please note: MADRIX 3.6j is the last software update for MADRIX 3. No additional software updates are planned. Bugfix support has thus ended. Project support for MADRIX 3 ends May 07, 2020.


How To Use This User Guide

Press F1 on your keyboard while working with the application to quickly call up the MADRIX Help and Manual.
LINKS are displayed in orange. Simply click through and you will be taken to the corresponding part within the same topic.
»LINKS will take you away from the topic which your are currently reading to another section in this guide or to an external website.
- Shows new or updated topics for this MADRIX software release version. This manual refers to MADRIX 3.6j
This user guide is available in English.



Topics Of This Chapter

»System Requirements
»MADRIX KEY [Software License]
»Update From MADRIX 2.X To MADRIX 3.X
»Supported Fixtures [LED Products]
»Supported DMX512 And Art-Net Interfaces
»Web Links


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