The DMX Fader Tool

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In this tutorial you will learn how you can control a DMX fixture, such as a fog machine, with MADRIX by using the DMX Fader Tool. This tool is also very useful to quickly test any DMX fixture.


Date: 08/2014
MADRIX Version: 3.2 (Created with)



Open MADRIX and go to Tools > DMX Fader Tool... or press the Ctrl+Alt+F on your keyboard.


The DMX Fader Tool will be opened in a new window.


To control a fader, you have to activate it first. Enable On and the fader below will be activated.

Note: If you have activated a fader in the DMX Fader Tool, the value of the DMX Fader Tool will be control this channel. That means you could not control, for instance, an RGB fixture using a MADRIX Effect and the DMX Fader Tool at the same time. If you try, the values of the DMX Fader Tool will win.


Continue with defining which Universe and Channel the fader should control.


In this example, the DMX channel of the fog machine is 120 in universe 2. We are therefore changing Universe to 2 and Channel to 120 accordingly.


Move the slider and the fog machine will begin to fog. You can also enter any specific DMX value for Value.
You can also click on Flash. As long as you press the button, the DMX value will be set to 255. Release the button and it will be set to 0 or your set Value again.


Congratulations! You can now use the DMX Fader Tool to your advantage to control certain DMX fixtures or for testing purposes.


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