Step 7), Step 8) Upload And Activation

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Step 7) Uploading A Stand-Alone Show Onto The SD Card

Please go to the menu 'Tools' > 'PLEXUS Configuration...' (or 'Ctrl+Alt+P') to call up the PLEXUS Configuration window.

Click to find your connected PLEXUS.


You can either

A) directly save your Stand-Alone Show on an SD card

ExportPlease make sure to use an empty SD card! First, select your Configuration. Second, click 'Export'. In the third step, choose your target source.


B) you can save your Stand-Alone Show on the SD card that is inserted into your MADRIX PLEXUS.

Your PLEXUS must be connected via USB or via Ethernet (network).

UploadFirst, select your MADRIX PLEXUS. Second, select your PLEXUS Configuration. Third, click 'Upload' and the PLEXUS Show will be saved on the SD card of your device.


Step 8) Activating Stand-Alone Mode

Last but not least, you will have to activate Stand-Alone Mode on your MADRIX PLEXUS.

A) Activate Stand-Alone Mode manually on the device using the menu (LCD graphics display) and the 5 control buttons (menu 'Stand-Alone' > 'Playback').

B) 'Call' your device and activate Stand-Alone Mode remotely (menu Playback). Learn more in the chapter Remote Control.

C) Use the 'Auto Play' option by configuring it in the PLEXUS Configuration to automatically start playing a Scene.