SD Cards

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The integrated SD card slot is located at the top of the device. In order to access it, please open the metal lid first (See 'How To Open The Metal Lid' on page 6 of the MADRIX PLEXUS Quick Start Guide).

The slot supports SD (2 GB max.) or SDHC cards (32 GB max.). SDHC cards are recommended.

Please note: The package contents include one SD card. The SD card is already inserted the device when shipped and preloaded with a factory preset.


Inserting The SD Card

Hold the SD card as shown on the device! The canted edge must point to the status LED and the pins must face towards the display. Now, carefully push the SD card into the SD card slot until it clicks and snaps into its position.


Removing The SD Card

Slowly and carefully press the already inserted SD card into the device a little further. Then, release the pressure. The implemented mechanism will automatically release the SD card, which will then stick out from the slot. Use two fingers to pull the card out of the slot.


File System

If you need to prepare an SD card to be used with your MADRIX PLEXUS or if you would like to clear up your currently used SD card, you may reformat the SD card in Windows.

Please note: Formatting your SD card will erase all data on the card!

Your SD card needs to be formatted using either the FAT16 or FAT32 file system.