FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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This section answers questions that are frequently asked.


No. The MADRIX software license for up to 1024 DMX channels data output is already included and activated automatically when connected to MADRIX. The MADRIX KEY is not necessary for operating MADRIX PLEXUS. However, you may connect both to your computer to use their output features together.
Is it possible to use more than one MADRIX PLEXUS?
Yes. Multiple devices can be used together to control larger LED projects.
Can I upgrade the PLEXUS software license?
No. One PLEXUS includes a software license for 1024 DMX channels. But you may simply connect more units to access more channels.
Can I use a mobile computer instead of a desktop computer?
Yes. Mobile computers, such as laptops/notebooks, may be used to run the MADRIX software. Please pay attention to the system requirements and the power saving options of your operating system.
Can I use other software apart from MADRIX to control lights?
No. The recommended software is MADRIX.
Can I use this interface to control lasers, moving heads, or scanners?
No. The MADRIX software is not designed for such an area of application.
What do the blinking LEDs mean?
Please read the chapter Troubleshooting.
Can I repair the MADRIX PLEXUS myself?
No. Do not attempt any repairs. Any attempt will void your warranty! Please contact your dealer or supplier if the device seems to be defective.
What can I do if my interface does not work anymore during the warranty period?
Please contact your dealer or supplier.
Why are recorded Effects called Scenes and not Effects?
A Scene for the PLEXUS is created by recording the Main Output of MADRIX. That means you can use MADRIX as usual, for example by using the cross-fader, Master Fader, Speedmaster, Color Filter or by switching effects, etc. Hence, by creating a Scene you can record a complete light show. This recorded light show can be one Effect or a number of Effects, etc.
How can I switch off my LEDs (at the end of the day)?
Create a Scene with the color black and trigger this Scene when you want to turn off the light of your LEDs.
Can the MADRIX PLEXUS receive and process live audio input to create stand-alone lighting effects?
Only the MADRIX software can process live audio data. That is why in Live Mode, the MADRIX PLEXUS can be used for live Sound2Light and Music2Light effects. But you cannot input audio data into the device for Stand-Alone Mode. In Stand-Alone mode you can only play back recorded lighting effects, which can be S2L or M2L Effects again. But then they are not live effects anymore.