Connectivity (Top And Bottom Connections)

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Top And Bottom Connections

Bottom Connections

Top Connections

Top And Bottom Connections


1) XLR port, DMX 1

2) XLR port, DMX 2

3) Status LED for USB/Power

4) USB/Power port

5) Status LED for Ethernet

6) RJ45 Ethernet port


7) Status LED for SD card slot

8) SD card slot

9) Kensington Security Slot

10) Extension port


3-Pin And 5-Pin XLR Connector Layout

The images below outline the general pin layout of 5-pin and 3-pin XLR ports.






     1        Ground

     2        DMX –

     3        DMX +

     4        Spare

     5        Spare



Please note: MADRIX PLEXUS features two 5-pin, female XLR connectors. Please use XLR adapters if necessary!