Firmware Release Notes

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Version 1.00.2981

Released with: MADRIX 2.13 - July 2011
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.510.5

The first firmware version of the MADRIX PLEXUS. The product was launched with this firmware version.


Version 1.01.3053

Released with: MADRIX 2.13a - August 2011
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.510.5

Improved reliability of the USB connection. Fixed some issues when sending data over USB.
Improved reliability of the USB connection. When using the USB connection, the MADRIX license will not be lost after 1 minute anymore.
Added a timeout of 3 seconds for PLEXUS devices at startup for improved network behavior. Playback is delayed to ensure that all Slave devices are ready in the network after startup.
Added IP address range validation for networks. Devices filter out broadcast signals that do not belong to the same network.
Added Exception-Trace. Should an error occur on the device, the exception trace will be displayed on the PLEXUS display and functions as an error message to be analyzed by the manufacturer.
Changed SD card playback behavior during Live Mode. If a configured SD card is inserted into the device, SD card playback stops when the device receives live input data for Live Mode. SD card playback starts again, once live data is not received anymore and if 'AutoPlay' was configured in the PLEXUS Configuration.


Version 1.02.3230

Released with: MADRIX 2.13b - October 2011
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.512.0

Fixed that Scene 1 was played when pressing Next in the Playback menu after a restart, instead of Scene 2.
Fixed a problem with numbering and jumps in index values in the list of the Scene menu.
Fixed a problem with the list of the Timers menu displaying an incorrect weekday when selecting Weekly.
Fixed a problem with reading a PLEXUS Configuration correctly in Stand-Alone Mode after restarting the computer and losing power over USB as a result.
Fixed that the DMX Tester (Test Sending menu) and some of its settings were not initialized correctly.
Fixed that SD card formatting could fail after a Factory Default Reset.
Fixed that Speed could not be set up correctly when using the PLEXUS Configuration Fenster and the USB connection.
Improved GUI refreshing of the display for intense processing tasks, such as uploading and downloading.
Improved Highlight Mode: The LCD Graphics Display of the selected device will flash when Highlight Device is activated in the Device Manager of MADRIX.
Added more status messages to the Status menu (i.e. in case of uploading, downloading, etc.).


Version 1.03.3325

Released with: MADRIX 2.13c - December 2011
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.513.0

Fixed a problem with backward playback. Data of the first DMX channel of the first universe was corrupt.
Fixed possible MADRIX crashes when a PLEXUS device was connected via USB while closing the MADRIX software.
Added new Timer options: Sunrise, After Sunrise, Before Sunrise, Sunset, After Sunset and Before Sunset.
Added new PLEXUS menu: 'Location', which includes the Geo Coordinates.
Added new Sync option: Freeze.
Added new Sync option: Intensity Group.


Version 1.04.3578

Released with: MADRIX 2.14 - March 2012
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.515.1

Fixed a problem when showing the start screen, while Invert was activated for the display.
Changed Art-Net universes to be displayed from 1 to 256, instead from 0 to 255.
A multitude of settings can now additionally be set up in the PLEXUS Configuration Fenster in MADRIX, while they were only available on the device before.
Added new language for menus: Spanish.
Added new PLEXUS menu: 'Remote Control', to send remote commands directly to the PLEXUS unit; incl. Remote Thru.


Version 1.05.4001

Released with: MADRIX 2.14a - July 2012
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.516.0

Fixed an issue with the clock running out of sync after a while.
Fixed an issue with synchronization regarding Master-Slave-Synchronization.
The default IP address of a PLEXUS device will now be 10.x.x.x after a reset to factory defaults.
Improved display message when the MADRIX PLEXUS is set to standby mode.
Added Daylight Saving Time to the clock of the device.
Added an option to reset to default values to the menu Intensity/Speed as well as the menu Test Sending.
When connecting to a computer without drivers, the unit will go into standby mode.
When activating standby mode for the computer, the unit will also go into standby mode.


Version 1.06.4260

Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0517.0

Improved and updated firmware for new PLEXUS hardware models V1.7.
Improved Version menu: Added information about the hardware model of the PLEXUS unit ('Type').
Fixed an issue with the Extension Port and the incorrect assignment of all Ports.
Fixed an issue with the Extension Port and decreased the failure proneness of Analog and Digital Inputs.
Fixed minor translation issue for the German language.
PLEXUS driver supports detection of hardware model.


Version 1.07.4369

Released with: MADRIX 2.14b ( - December 2012
Also valid for: MADRIX 3.0 ( - July 2013 / MADRIX 3.0a ( - September 2013 / MADRIX 3.1 ( - November 2013 / MADRIX 3.1a ( - January 2014 / MADRIX 3.2 ( - March 2014

Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0517.2

Improved PLEXUS menu: 'Intensity/Speed' now includes settings for Intensity Groups for Remote Control.
Improved button assignment for Reset To Factory Defaults and rotated displays.
Fixed an issue with the menu Monitor DMX and not displaying values correctly for the last DMX channel in Channel mode.
Fixed an issue with the Bootlader not allowing firmware updates anymore.
Fixed an issue with unintended display errors of file names during upload when a long file name was followed by a short file name.
Fixed an issue with DMX-controlled Intensity Groups putting out a value of 100% when 39% is set up (Remote Control).
Increased the timeout value to 20 seconds instead of 3 seconds for the display, when the SD card is formatted.
Fixed an issue with prevented data upload or formatting of the SD card for Slave devices when receiving live sync commands from a Master device.
PLEXUS driver supports detection and setup of Intensity Group settings (PLEXUS Configuration window).


Version 1.08.5168

Released with: MADRIX 3.3 ( - November 2014
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Added new PLEXUS menu: Information > Configuration, which includes information about the currently loaded PLEXUS Configuration (show file).
Added new PLEXUS menu: Settings > DMX, which includes options to always send/output Full Frames in Stand-Alone Mode. This can help with fixtures that require a frame to include all 512 channels.
Changed the position and name of the PLEXUS menu Settings > Network to Network > IP Address.
Long Configuration names and device names will now be scrolled under menu Information > Configuration.
Optimized device reply time (Poll Reply) to ensure that all connected devices are found when searching for them automatically in MADRIX.
A warning will be provided if the IP Address and the Subnet Mask are not compatible with each other.
Improved German language support.
Improved Spanish language support.
Fixed an issue that would reset the network settings with the next start when a Subnet Mask higher than was set up.
Fixed issues with sending out data when receiving Art-Net data from two sources.
Fixed an issue showing an incorrect On Universe number under Remote Control > Remote Options when switching from Receive via Art-Net to Receive via DMX.
Fixed an issue that showed incorrect information about the Scenes on the SD card when switching from the menu Stand-Alone > Scenes to Stand-Alone > Playback.


Version 1.08.5780

Released with: MADRIX 3.5a ( - December 2015
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Fixed an issue that could cause a unit to become unresponsive when setting a high speed (400%, for example) in the menu 'Stand-Alone' > 'Intensity/Speed' when playing back very large Scene files.


Version 1.09.5998

Released with: MADRIX 3.6 ( - May 2016
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Added the option to switch off all status LEDs over Art-Net.


Version 1.09.6299

Released with: MADRIX 3.6b ( - September 2016
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Fixed an issue that caused issues when uploading DMX Data files (*.dxd) with names of more than 35 characters over USB.
Fixed an issue that could make the device become unresponsive under certain circumstances when connecting, disconnecting, and calling up the website several times in a row.


Version 1.09.6375

Released with: MADRIX 3.6c ( - October 2016
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Devices now use the compilation date of the firmware and set the time to 12:34:00 after changing the battery or using the device for the first time instead of showing only zeros.
Fixed an issue that caused the display of the device to continue to blink after using the Highlight Mode of MADRIX over Art-Net.
Fixed an issue that caused unwanted disconnects while using the iOS App.


Version 1.09.7024

Released with: MADRIX 3.6f ( - May 2017
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Fixed an issue that caused the device to send on DMX 1 as well as DMX 2 under Tools > Test Sending after DMX 2 had been selected once even though only 1 port was set for output.


Version 1.09.7100

Released with: MADRIX 3.6i ( - June 2018
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Fixed an issue that did not allow Digital Output ports of the Extension Port to be triggered via Timers.


Version 1.09.7169

Released with: MADRIX 3.6j ( - September 2019
Requires PLEXUS driver 6.0.0518.2

Fixed a critical issue that could halt the device in rare cases.
Fixed an issue that did not allow Timers of the Extension Port to be triggered monthly via Sunset/Sunrise.
Fixed an issue that did not allow Timers of the Extension Port to be triggered on the 31st of a month.
Fixed an issue that did not allow Timers of the Extension Port to be triggered 'Daily' at 00:00:00.
Fixed an issue that did not allow Timers of the Extension Port to stop when set to Action 'Port' and Type 'Cycle' while Valid Thru was set to 'Each Year', 'Each Month', or 'Each Day'.
Fixed an issue that triggered all Timers of the Extension Port between the last set time and the new time setting if the time was manually advanced.
Fixed an issue that calculated the Sunset/Sunrise times with a high frequency instead of once a day.